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This service is provided to real estate agents who do a quick spot or perimeter check of the property, prior to or during a sales process, and need aprofessional cinfomration of what they have found. The opensource tool provided is online, and additional the survey practice. If the spot check returns some result that must be advised to the new or existing tenant, the agent can check if the area has had such a search done and use that data, or inform the client the service is needed to conform to spot check or public requirement in the area, and to later confirm if the deployment has been removed. The same tool used by occupant, agent, or other staff memebr working for the real etsate agent or the property owner, is used for the mapping process confirming the same search. Other tools and methods are available by skill of the service provider, including the mapping or subsurface location and mapping of various cable types or subsurface structures in the area; and depending on the needs of the client. The basic service maps fields that affect the person, and if the tool does not work for the real estate agent or property owner doing the first search themselves, this service is not needed unless a clean certificate is requested by a buyer or transfer agent for the property in an area with a history of deployments or operating crime organizations deploying with these methods.

Real Estate Professional
  • I need a weapons search completed for the property and community to ethically transfer real estate as with or without a weapon of terror present under the community.
  • The area is heavily sprayed by airborne chemical weapons. I need the HVAC system stested for residue and top soil.
  • I need to transfer a real property, and can not ethically transfer that property without advising the buyer, seller, or tenant of a hazard present in, under, on, or over the area.
  • I need a map made for YES or NO regarding a weapons hazard in the community, before I buy or sell a property.
  • I need a search for Tunnels, spider holes, mole holes, or radio deployment locations and monitoring hardware.

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