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This service is provided to the property owner or other agents permitting access to a site to do a search with hand or other tools. You can use the opensource tool and survey practice yourself, both are taught and available to the customer witout retaining this service, and then call our team for a professional confirmation of your pre-work or spot check. The service provider you meet might have other options available, including the location of tradiaition cable, telephone, or powerlines and other wiring in the ground on the property. Some service providers equipped with ground pentrating radar will also survey the property for tunnel work as a part of a geophyscial survey process, and in accordance with the technical capability of the practictioner. This service is needed if after spot checking the property, post elections scandel, your search with the hand tool shows something is in place, and you need to inform a property buyer concering the issue and need a second opinion or professional survey done with the same tool.

Property Seller
  • I want to sell a property and need to confirm no weapons hazard is present.
  • A resident has complaints about electronic gang stalkers, i need a perimter and weapons search.
  • I need top soil and HVAC duct work tested for airborne chemical weapons residue.
  • I need a search for Tunnels, spider holes, mole holes, or radio deployment locations and monitoring hardware.
  • I would like perimeter checks of the county school systems, before i inform the buyer of "safe schools" their children will attend.
  • I would like weapons residue laboratory results from HVAC duct work and the school yard for the county school systems the result of crop dusters and chemtrails over the schools.

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