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Sevice is offered to apartment complexes. The service provided is offered as part if a tiered offer. The standard search process includes the hand tool and a professional survey practice. This service should be used before a new tenant is premitted to move inot the complex, onto a first or second floor. Extended service, is the use of tool or search methods for locating quickly the source of a problem in the community, or placed onto to the property from am adjecent site. As property manager, you can make the tool yourself, have your grounds keepers do the search, and then request our services to proved a confirmation map or other service needed for the property manager to have the problem removed or disarmed if some series of occupants have been hurt or suffer deployment sysmptoms. The same tool the property manager, or maintenance staff use to locate the problem and make a map, is the same tool our team will use to provide a professional confirmation useful for civil or other actions. Other services are available by service provider, including the locations of rentals with unusal or driected output, tunnels, laboratoyr services for soil and hvac testing, and research for cropdusters dumping chemical and other flight deliverables onto the community, town or county in the area service is requested. This information is presented on one DVD, and the property manager can request multiple copies (10-1,000 or more) for large complexes advising of the crop dusters.

Property Manager
  • I need my apartment complex searched for weapons deployed.
  • I need a commercial or residential building i lease checked for weapons deployed
  • A resident has complaints about electronic gang stalkers, i need a perimter and weapons search.
  • I need top soil and HVAC duct work tested for airborne chemical weapons residue.
  • I need the area infrastructure mapped and cleared of knonw weapons hazards deployed via the media.
  • I need a search for Tunnels, spider holes, mole holes, or radio deployment locations and monitoring hardware.

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