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Products and Services (1-15 Projects)
Pricing by Single property transaction and single tool use.

Process 1: Single Property up to one acre.
  • Perimeter check property.
  • If perimter check is clean, you are issued a clean certificate. This means the tool does not work, it will not make a cross, walking around the perimeter of the property. This proves by scientific analysis any pattern deployment, is or is not, outputing a field to the person and causing the tool to work; and was not in place during the search process. This displaces liability to the contractor making the search for YES or NO Certificate, on that day, and your property is transferable without such a hazard in place. Condition: Only when NO is a certificte issued, and after series of random checks occuring over 3 random selected days, a map is delivered.
  • If perimeter check is not clean, meaning the tool makes a cross at any position during the perimeter check of your property, the tool is used to produce a map. You will be provided with the maps for your property and those other properties where the lines under your home and the nieghbors, all lead back to. You should use the tool first, request this professional service for a second opinion, and use it again when recieving your map.
  • The map produced will be digitized and visible for surveyors as part of a Geographic Informations system, including GPS or other data acquired. A hand tool is provided in this service package and with instructions. You will be able to use this tool to verify just like the surveyor, the men you paid, that same map you recieve as confirmation. You are empowered to check our work or that of franchises and independant service providers.
  • A DVD of all reported crop dusters filmed targeting the community or town will be provided. These videos are collected by searching : "chemetrail" and adding the name of the town or city to pubic services like Youtube or Bing Video search indexes; additional to company searches of private collections available from various sources or vendors.
  • Other combination products can be obtained per service provider.
  • If the mapping process confirms a deployment, this service will notify the local real estate agents in your area and other area officials. Your neighbors will also be unable to transfer property without informing the buyer or tenents of the hazard.
  • The technician will also swab the inside of your HVAC ductwork, and outside air intakes for the airconditioner system and also collect top soil sample from the property. 1/2 or a portion of the sample will be delivered to the client retaining this service with the map and DVD, the other portion is kept at the lab as a record, the third is sent for analysis.
  • Price is $299USD

Hand Tool Products and Manuals
Opensource company manuafacturing of proprietary and original laboratory discoveries as part of the trade sciences.
  • First manufactured products available in February and March of 2018!
  • $9.99 and Shipping $8.99 Standard USPS Flat Rate; For hand tool only. Good for multiple purchases.(price varies by vendor and quality or composition) This hand tool makes a cross when you near a field emiting a stabile or mudulated energy onto the person and is used to make a map and identify a deployment location. The measureable energy causing the tool to work is observed with a multimeter and to idenitfy charcateristic of flow put on to the flesh of the person the result of proximity to the identified patterns. The hand tool does not work absent the conditions causing it to work, the contruction of a man near a field of some classification. Multimeter is not included.
  • $0.25 and Shipping $8.99 (or provide your own shipping) Standard USPS Flat Rate; For hand tool and extended training manual. Good for single user on first purchase only.
  • Click Here to purchase from Ebay Store.
  • Can't wait for official product? Make your own for free! (this is the opensource version of spiderhunter hand tool by MarleyLABS)
  • $4.99 and Shipping $4.99. Microwave Oven Field Detection Hand Tool. (Per set of neodymium magnets, place the solid round flat magnets between your thumb and forefinger as opposing, you cant push them together. Then turn on your microwave with your hand near it, and the magnets will buzz. Consult your service specialist for a new microwave oven that does not cause the magnets to buzz when you are near it.) The hand tool does not work absent the conditions causing it to work, the contruction of a man near a field of some classification. Multimeter is not included.
  • $49.99 and Shipping $8.99. High energy field detection for electric service power meters and in home wiring. Radio + Instruction Manual. Used for audible intensity radio proximity dowsing of a 3 dimensional energy field output.
  • $39.99 and $4.99 Shipping. Plasma Speaker and V2S Induction Proofs Set for court case presentation and deployments. Includes plasma speaker and T8 lighting transformer with induction coil and instructions. (use this to talk to the jury, the first is audible by ears, the second is audible on person as v2s or "voice to skull.").
  • $29.99 + $8.99 Shipping. Induction and Attentuation Field Interference Set. (The alien experience no more, includes 1x transformer for household interference (AI vocal routine will comment your dead when used, no remote read possible,) and when away from the home, 1x RFID numeric output piece; Place the discrete rfid chip between your lip and gum on deployment areas, and no more PTSD video games, V2S, or tracking while chip is "sucked on." RFID outputs a numeric value when sprayed with a radio frequency. This numeric idenitifer is confused with addition of another simple piece, and is not flavored yet.)
  • $9.99 and Free Shipping. Water jet 30' depth ground rod and casing instructions for triangualtion of deployment line depth. Service labor available for installation. This ground line inserts a dump point at thirty feet for excess energy in the home. Is used to ground metals or tilework in deployment or radioactive areas, and is inserted below the signal production depth. (Voltage read on the person is reduced to a few millivolts from 500mv, 950mv, or more with deviation measureable by Fluke 86V Voltage Instrament in high energy areas when walking on deep grounded floors or sleeping on grounded furniture.
  • $9.99 and Free Shipping Weaponized media detection instructions. Specific where television broadcast emphasis utilizes lines inserted under the home, and a combination of network or hardware exploits for abusive commentary on activity of property occupants. Used for court room proofs.
  • $9.99 Instructions for Foil Reciprocity. Used with an electric multimeter to identify the direction and intensity of a high energy influence on the person. This tool is like the Hand Tool for pattern identification Mapping and the magents used for three dimensional mapping of microwave oven fields, it only works because high energy is put on to the person in these areas or while walking over these paths where each tool is used. However, because this practice requires electronic piece to work, it is not generally considered a hand tool by the laboratory.
  • Your franchise or service representative can demonstrate each tool for you in the home and will use these per service agreement and data proofs requested by the customer for court room arguments. Visit the store often for booklets made available at online merchants regarding spiderhunting and the trade work of field idenitfication with hand tools and other instraments.

Project in the Bag
Chemicals weapons flight deliverable deterant. Distributable, purchase one or 1000+. Ask your local service representative about pricing.
  • Self Address sealable envelope to approved acceptance, testing, and storage laboratory
  • Postage pre-paid
  • Idenitfied Submission Only. Testing is not done on this site, and + samples are not stored on this site.
  • Sterile Collection Bag
  • Sterile Spoons
  • Chemical weapons Litmus Test Paper. Example from Case file: Ormond Beach, FL public notification.
  • Set of Sterile Gloves
  • Sterile swabs for HVAC ductwork
  • Plastic sealable collection bags
  • Cotton filter for forced air recovery of chemical or gaseous substances
  • Price per Bag is $15USD; not including laboratory services.
    • DVD of crop duster flight deliverables and chemical weapons observed uses. Video Index by Address Requested add $88USD.
    • Extended laboratory chemical analysis of Top soil samples and HVAC swabs. Add $PRICE VARIES BY LABORATORY per sample set. (Standard Nerve Types V, G, and Blister Agents included in package test above.)
      Or by form request.

Spiderhunter: Extended Franchise Services
Ask your local service reprentative about pricing.
  • Forensic Electrical and Subsurface Mapping Services.
  • GeoPhyscial Services, Ground Penetrating Radar for tunnels, bunkers, mole holes, spider holes, or pre-dig deployment site sub surface observation before extraction, $490/hr.
  • Production of electrical system engineered drawings by resident, building, property.
  • Wire Abatement Services.
  • Consulting and expert testimony.
  • Property Survey: Traditional Cable Television, Telephone Company, and Power company or other complete wire location and GPS mapping services for engineered drawings.
  • In home electrical field survey and product replacement options.
  • Services built by request. (Answers)
  • Scalable research or map making requests. Of one building, to hundreds in communties or towns.
  • Data set collection and access privalages where disclosure is not required by law.

Service Agreements (Free, Monthly, Bulk)

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